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Relevant, applied preaching, teaching & studies from Eternity Now, a global nondenominational church and evangelism movement headquartered in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA. Our mission statement is The Great Commission: ”Go and make disciples of every color & culture” (Matthew 28:19). Our website is The Rev. Kyle Huckins, Ph.D., is our senior pastor/evangelist. He’s a Caucasian who’s been ordained by an overwhelmingly African American denomination and preached in churches of over 20 different Christian denominations & movements. Contact him at

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Monday Jul 31, 2023

Want to understand God's plan for wrapping up this world? This message locates today in eternity and in less than an hour gives a summation of the endtimes. Dr. Huckins refers to this timeline he compiled from studying the Scripture. Feel free to copy & share so long as you don't charge or change the chart in any way, being sure to keep the attribution: (page down slightly).

Salvation: Why & How

Monday Jul 31, 2023

Monday Jul 31, 2023

Why must we be saved thru Jesus Christ & how does it happen? Share this episode with those unsure of salvation or needing material for evangelism. Time is running out for this world & the unsaved! For more, head to

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Almighty God knows who you are: a unique creation in His image, not your gender, race or politics. This message reveals your true identity & destiny in Jesus! See more about us at

Monday May 29, 2023

Need power to overcome this evil, chaotic world? Pentecost 2023 is here & God will send you the Holy Spirit Be energized in Christ with this message. See more on us at, including videos, podcasts, evangelism, pastor's nationally award-winning writings, beliefs, background, and how you can help save souls for 3 cents each!

Sunday May 21, 2023

Riots, inflation, division, deception ... the world is hurtling toward self-destruction, but this message shows you how to live wisely & blessed in the Lord. See our website at, which has details on our videos, beliefs, background, evangelism, pastor's nationally award-winning writings, and more!

Sunday Apr 16, 2023

Many are fearful today, but the Lord has more than enough to get you thru these perilous times. Find out how in this message! See for our videos, beliefs, evangelism, pastor's writings for national Christian websites, and more.

Sunday Apr 16, 2023

Our Lord was jeered & smeared but emerged victorious, and you can too! This short message has power for living. See more about us + how to get involved in saving souls at!

Sunday Apr 16, 2023

Our pastor/evangelist, Dr. Huckins, thanks God, challenges both pulpit and pew & calls all to salvation in this energetic message marking 20 years he's been ordained. Find out what God's done + can do for YOU! More on us at

Sunday Feb 19, 2023

God's Spirit of love has kept this diverse world moving forward, but with division on the rise, the globe's grinding to a halt. In this message, learn how to love like God does! See more about videos, podcasts, beliefs, evangelism & how to get involved at

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Christians today are often under attack from the devil and world, but the Bible's clear: Salvation keeps us from judgment. Be encouraged in the faith plus celebrate virtual communion with Pastor Huckins! See more about us at


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